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There once was a mythical creature called cupid who had the power to shoot people with his bow & arrows, which would magically create blind chemistry between the two partners. Valentines’ week is filled with expressing their love to their loved ones in actions. The whole week is scheduled with a particular phase of notion addressing their loved one’s interests.

February 7th is celebrated as Rose Day, the first fiesta day of the week. Likewise, February 8th is celebrated as Confession Day, February 9th is celebrated as chocolate day, February 10th is celebrated as Teddy Day, February 11th is celebrated as Promise Day, February 12th is celebrated as Hug Day, February 13th is celebrated as Kiss Day, February 14th is celebrated as the big day “Valentine’s Day”.

Happy Valentine’s Day

This time for a change, we at team CoinCRED propose “The new love theory”. Here is its derivation. No matter how much love we have for our loved ones, if we cannot provide the fundamental needs of “ROTI, KAPDA, MAKAAN”, this love is not enough. The mathematical transitive property applies here. If there’s “Money”, there’s “Food, Clothing, Shelter”. If there’s “Food, Clothing, Shelter”, there’s “Love”.

Here, with exponential tech development, the real question arises: do we have a secured fintech niche where we can store some hard-earned money with greater interests, reliance, and security? The answer to this is Blockchain, Bitcoin, and CoinCRED.

We propose to all the greatest lovers out there to love a little extra. This Rose Day, let roses do the talking. This confession day, don’t just say “I Love You”, but mean it. This chocolate day, bake chocolates & Make love because of secured finances; chocolates add sweetness to your relationships. This Teddy Day, be a cozy teddy and give a better buddy with us. This Promise Day, pinky promise financial independence, and introduce your loved ones to crypto with us. This Hug Day fuel your valentine’s heart with a non-volatile, portable & imported free digital asset. This kiss day, kiss your loved one’s financial worries away. This Valentine’s Day, give your heart what it wants. Appease your loved ones with smart partnering with us & claim yours, their 69s.

Yes, you heard it right. We handcrafted a brand-new appealing offer of a welcome bonus of 69 INR & also a Referral bonus of 69 INR. Refer to as many as you can and slurp your 69s now.

The objective of CoinCRED is to bring awareness about the most demanding future technology — cryptocurrency. Trusted by its loyal users, CoinCRED is India’s fastest growing application for buying, selling, trading and investing, where people can instantly buy, sell, trade and support more than 100+ crypto coins. Be a part of the crypto-verse with the best crypto trading application. What are you waiting for? Get 69 rupees. Give 69 rupees.

Our Specialty

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> Welcome Bonus up to 69 INR.

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Want to know more about it?

Computer Science behind blockchain Tech:

Here’s a simple explanation of how the computer science underlying these methods works for individuals who are just getting started with crypto. This occurs when you transmit and receive any crypto coin to begin with. Please remember that all cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are computational models and that these “coins” are nothing more than snippets of code that transfer value from one user to another. To participate in this procedure, you must first construct a digital wallet. Bitcoin and Ethereum each provide suggestions for which wallets are ideal for their respective cryptocurrencies, while specialty exchanges such as CoinCRED and Cryptore also have wallets.

Working of a Blockchain:

Here’s how blockchain, aka distributed ledger technology, works using the bitcoin system as an example-

· Bitcoin exchanges are entered and communicated by a network of giant PCs known as nodes.

· Using PC computations, this network of thousands of nodes worldwide contends to affirm the exchange.

· Bitcoin Mining is the term for this. The digger that finishes another block initially is compensated with bitcoin for their endeavors.

· These costs comprise newly made bitcoin and network expenses, which are given to the purchaser and vendor.

· Depending on the number of exchanges, the expenses might increase or be reduced.

· The deal is added to a block on the dispersed record when it is cryptographically approved. The exchange should next be affirmed by most of the network.

· The deal is performed when the block is unalterably connected to all earlier blocks of bitcoin exchanges utilizing a cryptographic unique finger impression known as a hash.

· Once you set up a new wallet, the program that runs that crypto will generate a pair of private and public keys for you.

· The public key functions similarly to an address or banking information, while the private key verifies your possession.

· These keys are a lengthy sequence of characters that specify the location of the cryptography.

· Typically, addresses will only take the kind of cryptocurrency they are associated with, while cross-chain bridges and exchanges can assist connect multiple cryptocurrencies.

What can we, Team CoinCRED assist you with?

Happy Valentine’s week

This Valentines week now is the time to recommend! Claim your offer now. Download our apps on Playstore or iOS. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days. While the concept of crypto money is straightforward, we understand that these might complicate some aspects of cryptocurrency. Our resource center will walk you through the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading. With our 24/7 chat/call customer support services, we are always here to help you. Keep up with new trading challenges, opportunities, new currency releases, and more by subscribing to our newsletter. Do not miss out on the people you love ❤



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